TSM scholarships

The doctoral contract, as specified in Décret no 2016-1173 du 31 août 2016 (information in French HERE), is the same for all higher education institutions in France. It is open to all students in the second year of a doctoral programme (the year following completion of Master of Science). The three-year contract is signed by the University Toulouse Capitole and the doctoral student and confers the status of a public sector contract employee to the doctoral student.

Doctoral contracts are awarded after a presentation by the applicant to the Doctoral School Council. Only 7 to 9 contracts are available each year and academic excellence is the first selection criterion. Contracts are generally awarded to applicants intending to work in higher education and research.

The gross salary is 1758€ for contracts without any teaching responsibility, and 1978€ for contracts with 64 hours of teaching per year. Contracts start on October 1st.