Strategy & International Management

Courses are taught only in English

Master of Science specialization research courses:

  • Research Process and Design (15hrs)
  • Advanced methods in strategy 1 (33hrs)
  • Perspectives in strategy 1 (42hrs)

Master of Science practitioner courses:

International Management track

  • Innovation strategy (30hrs)
  • International business development (24hrs)
  • Competitive intelligence (30hrs)

IMBD track

  • Advanced strategy and international business development (30hrs)
  • International management control (30hrs)
  • Cross-cultural management and international HRM (24hrs)

MPhil specialization research courses

Advanced methods in strategy 2

  • Research Process and Design in Strategy Research (12hrs)
  • Data Analysis in Qualitative Research (15hrs)
  • Advanced Quantitative Analysis (12hrs)
  • Mixed-methods (6hrs)

Key topics in Strategy Research

  • Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship (3hrs)
  • Cooperation in organizations (3hrs)
  • Strategy-as-Practice (3hrs)
  • International Business (3hrs)

Writing, Reviewing and Publishing

  • Setting up, pitching and reviewing a paper (8hrs)
  • Publication Process (12hrs)