Our ambition is to attract talented and motivated students. Therefore, TSM is committed to providing a generous package of tuition waivers and scholarships for all PhD candidates. Each student admitted to the programme receives a full tuition waiver, an annual scholarship as well as financial support for conference presentations, research visiting positions and job market events. We also provide a personal laptop and an office. 

Unparalleled resources

Tuition fees & Scholarships

The tuition fees covering the cost of lectures and facilities for the doctoral programme amount to 15,000 euros per year as estimated for an academic year, with a full tuition waiver for all admitted students and for each year of the programme. Only a token registration fee applies.

Starting in the second year of the doctoral programme we provide each year between 7 and 9 scholarships. External aids are also available, e.g. Eiffel grant, French Government scholarships for foreigners, foreign government scholarships, CIFRE agreements.

To sum-up:

Fees table

Additional funding for research activities includes:

Material support includes: