Tuition & Funding

Our mission is to attract talented and motivated students. Therefore, admitted students do not have any tuition fees to pay at any point in the programme, as TSM Doctoral Programme offers a full tuition fee waiver for all admitted students, which is applied to each year of the programme. 

Students are only required to pay an annual registration fee at the start of each academic year.


Doctoral Programme year Tuition fees annual registration fee scholarship available
MSc, Year 1 Waived € 243 No
Year 2 Waived € 930 Yes
Year 3 Waived € 380 Yes
Year 4 Waived € 380 Yes
Year 5 Waived € 380 Yes

Starting from the second year of the programme, approximately 10 UT1 doctoral contracts are available, which are equivalent to full scholarships. Doctoral contracts are awarded after an internal presentation by the applicant to the Doctoral School Council and are generally awarded to applicants intending to work in higher education and research. TSM Doctoral Programme is interested in welcoming students of the highest academic caliber. While the first year of the programme is not funded by a doctoral contract, we encourage candidates and admitted students to pursue External Aids/Scholarships.

The doctoral contract, as specified in Décret no 2016-1173 du 31 août 2016 (information in French) is the same for all higher education institutions in France. The three-year contract is signed by the University Toulouse Capitole (UT1) and the doctoral student. The contract confers the status of a public sector contract employee to the doctoral student.

These doctoral contracts offer financial compensation (1975 € gross salary for new contracts in 2022, 2300 € gross salary for new contracts in 2023 without teaching hours) as well as financial support for conference presentations, research visiting positions and job market events. 

Students interested in continuing into the second year of the TSM Doctoral Programme, after successful completion of the MSc, are also able to secure other methods of funding, including French Government scholarships for foreigners, foreign government scholarships, CIFRE agreements.

All students who secure funding to begin the second year of the programme, are also provided with a TSM laptop and there are dedicated office spaces available. 

Additional funding for research activities include: