Programme Description

An International, High Quality, Boutique Programme

The TSM Doctoral Programme is a boutique programme, focusing on small cohorts, close collaboration between students and faculty, and offering high quality courses and administration. This intensive programme is designed for individuals interested in conducting independent research, and our goal is to prepare students in the best possible way for their future roles in academia or in policy institutions, research organizations and private companies. 

TSM hallwayTSM Doctoral Programme is one of few of doctoral programmes that are EFMD accredited. Around 110 full-time faculty members provide doctoral supervision in a wide range of research topics.

TSM Doctoral Programme is directly affiliated with the TSM Research centre (UMR 5303 CNRS / TSM-UT1), and partners with two other research laboratories based in Toulouse:

The Laboratoire Gouvernance et Contrôle Organisationnel (EA 7416 / Université Paul Sabatier)

- TBS Research Centre, affiliated with the internationally accredited Toulouse Business School (TBS)

TSM Doctoral Programme is delivered 100% through the English language, and provides an international and inclusive environment to foster research expertise. Instruction is conducted on-site at our campus located in the center of Toulouse. While full-time presence in Toulouse is not necessary during all stages of the programme, PhD students must come to Toulouse to take classes (especially in the first and second year) and participate in events.

The first two years are dedicated to formal research training courses (lectures, seminars, workshops and meetings). At the same time, unlike many other PhD programmes, TSM Doctoral programme is flexible and gives you the opportunity to choose your own research topic, supervisor and research group.

The Master of Science, first year of the Doctoral Programme

TSM Doctoral Programme is a five-year programme and usually students receive a PhD under 5 years. To maintain a culture of collaboration throughout the programme, there are typically 30 to 35 students entering into the first year across all five disciplines. The first year, Master of Science, serves as a basis for doctoral contract selection and the transition into second year is conditional
Anciennes facultés

The goal of the first year of the Doctoral Programme is to provide students with the quantitative, analytical and theoretical tools for a successful academic or research oriented career. The students’ research programme and dissertation phase begin in March of the first year. Most students will start to define their core research interest and find a supervisor around this time. Students who successfully complete the first year of the Doctoral Programme are awarded a Master of Science and may choose to exit the programme at that point.

Years 2, 3 and 4 of the Doctoral Programme

Those students who wish to continue their PhD beyond the MSc year, can apply for one of approximately 10 University Toulouse Capitole (UT1) doctoral contracts that finance three years of PhD work. The doctoral contracts are awarded on the basis of academic merit and research project suitability. Alternatively, students continuing into the second year can secure other methods of funding, including work-study arrangements for PhD study such as CIFRE. During the second year of the Programme students dig further into ideas, theoretical models, methodology, and their research protocol, while working closely with their supervisors. These two years provide a solid foundation through intensive course work on which students can build their thesis project.

From the second year, most students gain teaching experience at the undergraduate and Master’s level. In addition, an annual conference travel and research support ensures that students can progress under good conditions and fully integrate into international research networks in their field. The year 3 and 4 of the Doctoral Programme are dedicated to original research and the development of a PhD dissertation. Some students require an additional fifth year to finish the PhD dissertation in which case a part time teaching contract with the University of Toulouse 1 Capitole (ATER contract) is generally signed. 

Five Year Overview

With the support of their supervisor, this training immerses PhD candidates in all aspects of academic life. Students contribute through original research and presentations at academic conferences, organising seminars, teaching on undergraduate and occasionally postgraduate courses and contributing to management and academic decisions in the programme in which they teach. A student's workload is between 1,500 and 1,800 hours for an academic year. Both the pedagogical and the administrative teams are committed to delivering high-quality teaching and an exceptional working environment for students. 

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the programme, students should be able to:

One of five tracks can be chosen: