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Liling SUN

Specialisation : Marketing

Status : PhD graduate

Email : see the email

Liling SUN is a PhD student in marketing at Toulouse School of Management and a research assistant in the Social & Innovation Marketing Lab at Toulouse Business School. Following a Specialized Master in Marketing, Management and Communication at TBS and a Master of Science in Consulting and Strategic Marketing at TSM, she embarked on research whose subject is "The effect of augmented reality on advertising efficiency". of the consumer ". After several years of professional experiences in different fields (importation in China, project management in Mali, international trade in France, assistant research in TBS and Graduate teaching assistant in TSM, UT1), she combines a practical vision with a scientific approach in her research.

  • Innovation
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Environnement
  • Marketing fundamentals
  • Digital marketing
  • Marketing Communication
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Business Game
  • The effect of augmented reality on advertising efficiency
  • Books
    • Pentacom édition chinoise
      Malaval, P., J.-M. Décaudin, C. Benaroya, J. Digout, L. Sun, Pentacom édition chinoise, China machine press, China (PRC), 2015
  • Conferences, symposiums, workshops
    • 5th International VR/AR Conference
      Sun, L., "5th International VR/AR Conference", 2019, Munich
  • 2015 - Master, Business administration, Marketing / Toulouse School of Management
  • 2014 - Master, Business administration, Marketing / TBS Research Center
  • Since 2017 - PhD student in Marketing / Toulouse School of Management