The Marketing track in the doctoral programme at TSM aims at preparing doctoral students for careers in academia and research-oriented firms and organisations in the various fields of the marketing discipline by focusing on a solid understanding of up-to-date scientific methods and insights into consumer psychology, customer empowerment and ethics, innovation, digital technologies and connectedness.

3 reasons to apply:

Courses are taught only in English.

MSc core courses

  • Learning and practice in research (15hrs)
  • Engaging with the scientific literature (15hrs)
  • Management science (15hrs)
  • Qualitative research (15hrs)
  • Quantitative research (15hrs)
  • Experimental research (15hrs)
  • Library resources (2.5hrs)

MSc specialization research courses

  • Theories and hot topics in marketing research (42hrs)
  • Advanced methods in marketing research (30hrs)
  • Perspectives in marketing (18hrs)

MSc practitioner courses

  • Innovation, new service acceptance model (42hrs)
  • Customer engagement & empowerment (44hrs)

MSc research training seminars

  • Managing your PhD: Getting started
  • What are the good conferences 
  • How to present a research paper 
  • International job market
  • LaTeX / Mendeley

MSc master thesis or/and internship

  • Master thesis and oral defence
  • Up to 5-month graduation internship

MPhil core courses

  • Advanced quantitative methods
  • Advanced qualitative methods
  • Research ethics, plagarism and academic integrity
  • Intellectual property rights
  • Writing retreat
  • Philosophy of science and epistemology

MPhil specialization research courses

Advanced methods

  • Advanced Experimental Research (15hrs)
  • Data Analysis in Qualitative Research (15hrs)
  • Advanced Quantitative Methods (9hrs)

Hot topics in marketing research

  • Identifying hot topics in marketing: methods and tools(15hrs)
  • Hot topics in marketing: from the idea to the paper(15hrs)

Writing, Reviewing and Publishing

  • Setting up, pitching and reviewing a paper (8hrs)
  • Managing Reviewers and the Reviewing Process (7hrs)
  • Academic Writing (12hrs)

MPhil research training seminars

  • How to design a poster?
  • How to reply (or not) to your discussant? How to discuss a paper?
  • From research to publication: A journey
  • How to identify a managerial implication?
  • International job market
  • Develop your online presence
  • Develop your network skills

Teacher's pedagogical practices