Human Resource Management

Knowledge in French language is essential to follow this track

Master of Science specialization research courses:

  • Problématiques et design de recherche (30hrs)
  • Méthodes quantitatives fondamentales (30hrs)
  • Qualitative and experimental methods(30hrs)

Master of Science practitioner courses:

GRH track

  • Management des hommes et des équipes (51hrs)
  • Management des rémunérations (39hrs)

HRM track

  • Organizational behavior and leadership (51hrs)
  • Organizational change and development (39hrs)

MPhil specialization research courses:

Advanced methods

  • Advanced Quantitative Methods Seminar - Introduction to Moderation, Mediation, and Structural Equation Modeling (9hrs or 12hrs)
  • Advanced Qualitative Analysis (15hrs)
  • Advanced Research Workshop (12hrs)
  • Mixed-methods (6hrs)

Hot topics in HR and OB (12hrs)

Writing, Reviewing and Publishing

  • The Publication Process (12hrs)
  • Academic writing (12hrs)