Hot Topics in Marketing Research

Hot Topics in Marketing Research

Teaching language: English
Course teaching load: 9hrs
Instructors: Andreas Munzel (3hrs), Changing the main instructor on current hot topic (6h)

Andreas Munzel is an Associate Professor at Toulouse School of Management, Toulouse University, France, and a member of TSM Research (CNRS). His research covers topics such as electronic word-of-mouth, deceptive communication, service recovery, and online social interactions. His research was published in the Journal of Business Research, Journal of Service Management, Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, International Journal of Electronic Commerce, Technological Forecasting and Social Change, and Recherche et Applications en Marketing.

Intended Learning Objectives

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Course description

Doctoral research is an undertaking, which usually requires between three and five years until its defense and successful fulfillment. Therefore, the ability to identify and occupy issues and topics that are topical and original even years after initiating the research is a key competence of researchers. The purpose of the module is to identify ways and resources to identify cutting-edge research topics as addressed, for example, by the French Marketing Association (hot topics) or the Marketing Science Institue (research priorities). While the first part of the module focuses on means to deploy in order to anticipate and detect trends and future topics in marketing, for the second part, a researcher will be invited to discuss his/her own approach in developing topical research projects.


This is a M.Phil. level class. Students should have acquired a robust understanding of marketing and consumer behavior prior to this course and have a solid knowledge of critical evaluation of research.


Students are asked to develop their own monitoring and trend detection approaches during the class.