The doctoral programme is full time, with one intake each year in the autumn. The typical completion time is five years.

Toulouse School of Management offers an intensive doctoral programme for individuals interested in pursuing a career in research. Our programme combines the best of theory, practice and research methods with scholarly integrity. The courses are accompanied by research practica. Graduates pursue careers in leading universities and business schools, policy-oriented institutions and private firms.

In line with top European and American universities, research at Toulouse School of Management begins in the second year of the Master, with a dedicated research programme, and during two years, the curriculum of the doctoral programme emphasizes four essential areas of training for doctoral students:

An integrated Doctoral Programme curriculum


TSM Doctoral Programme

Students who successfully complete the first year of the programme are awarded a Master of Science and may choose to end their formal training. The goal of this one-year programme is to provide students with the quantitative, analytical and theoretical tools for a successful academic or industry-oriented career. Therefore the students’ research programme and dissertation phase begins in March of this first year.

In year 2 of the Doctoral Programme students dig further ideas, theoretical background, models, methodology, and their research protocol in close relationship with their advisors. Students gradually become thus more involved in the design and execution of original research. By the end of the second year, our doctoral candidates are awarded a MPhil in Management (TSM certificate programme in Advanced Management Science) and have a solid foundation on which to build their thesis project and some will have produced a paper suitable for publication.

The later years of the doctoral programme are dedicated to original research and the creation of a Ph.D dissertation. Students are given the opportunity to develop their own rigorous and groundbreaking ideas. Ph.D. candidates participate in the life of the department, including seminars. They also present their research work in junior and senior workshops, are encouraged to participate in international conferences and international visiting periods, and finally, defend their dissertations.

Areas of specialization

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