International conferences

Armelle, VIEUGUE

Helpful or painful: the role of creative online marketplaces in the development of female end-user entrepreneurship

Paola, TESTA

How a permanent link between industry and scientific community can enhance innovation: the case of GNSS downstream markets

Maximilian, SCHWING

From B2C to P2P – A marketing driven analysis of peer-to-peer business models in shared mobility markets: An Abstract


M&A Advisors’ preferences, beliefs and constraints in target assessments: a conceptual framework and agenda for future research

Anthony, PERRIER

Opening the Black Box of servant leadership: The effects on Firefighters performance and health

Giulia, PAVONE

The effect of communication styles on customers attitudes: a comparison of human-chatbot versus human-human interactions


The evolution of managerial skills versus the rise of Artificial Intelligence

Fatima, HASSAN

Management Research in the Arab Middle East: Methodological Challenges and Opportunities

Corinne, GUIOSE

"Les sois possibles pour mieux comprendre les choix de consommation transformateurs"

Aurélien, DEVILLE

Can organizations continues to communicate without love ? Gettin a good start with lolistic


Les effets de l’influence normative exercée par un groupe sur l’évaluation individuelle de stimuli publicitaires tabous


An investigation of career motives and justice dynamics at the time around maternity leave: Presentation of preliminary findings

Ngoc Bich, DANG

Robots are “alive”? Effect of loneliness on the intention to adopt social robots


Intertwining Corporate Political Activity and Corporate Social Responsibility: a path towards improving a firm’s local context

Conferences, symposiums, workshops


The Corruption and Construction of Conscience

Paola, TESTA

How a permanent link between industry and scientific community can enhance innovation: the case of GNSS downstream markets

Vincent, TENA

Automating High Skill Jobs Subject To Moral Hazard

Liling, SUN

5th International VR/AR Conference

Waleed, SHLEHA

How servitized products perform in international markets? The impact of servitization level and different entry modes

Anthony, PERRIER

Comprendre les effets du leadership serviteur sur le capital psychologique des sapeurs-pompiers

Xiaojuan, LIU

Multi-lingual news and stock market returns across countries

Oleksandra, KOCHURA

A process view on corporate divestiture - a prospect for explaining underlying outcomes

Eugénie, JOSEPH

Perception de justice, organisation et collectif, quels enjeux pour la prévention des TMS ?

Monday, IGWE

Multiplicity of corporate Governance code in Nigeria: The present explained by the past

Phuong-Khanh, HUYNH

Long-Term Investment: Expectation formation and portfolio allocation when returns are predictable

Fatima, HASSAN

The Effect of Ethical Decision in Hiring Practices on Employee Behaviours

Corinne, GUIOSE

"Perception du retour sur investissement dans l'enseignement supérieur : quelles realtions entretiennent les alumni avec leur alma mater ? Le cas des écoles de management en France.

Marc-Antoine, GATIGNOL

L'intégration améliore-t-elle la lisibilité de l'information RSE ?

Aurélien, DEVILLE

La technologie blockchain, vers la fabrique de l'accountability des inacomptables


Les femmes, influençables et plus sensibles aux tabous ? impact normatif du groupe lors de l’évaluation individuelle de publicités provocantes sexualisant le corps féminine


Looking Forward, Looking Backward: Different Perspectives of Fairness on Maternity Leave

Ngoc Bich, DANG

The effects of balance of power and anticipated well-being on the acceptance of companion robots


Corporate Climate Change mandatory disclosures: determinants, consequences and alternatives ways to improve disclosure

Ransome, BAWACK

Artificial Intelligence in Practice: Implications for Information Systems Research


Strategic liquidity management in collective bargaining with employees: An international investigation


Does hedging matter for household finance?

Invited speaker


The Corporate Corruption of Conscience - Talk at the University of Massachusetts Boston Applied Ethics Center

Aurélien, DEVILLE

Réinventer l'organisation par l'amour des chiffres ? Le rôle des budgets dans les entreprises "libérées"