Accounting, Auditing and Management Control

Thanks to the Accounting track, students acquire advanced training in financial accounting, auditing and management control by considering key topics (such as CSR issues, behaviors of accounting actors, control systems in different contexts), and a wide range of theoretical and methodological approaches.

3 reasons to apply:

Courses are taught only in English.

MSc core courses

  • Learning and practice in research (15hrs)
  • Engaging with the scientific literature (15hrs)
  • Management science (15hrs)
  • Qualitative research (15hrs)
  • Quantitative research (15hrs)
  • Experimental research (15hrs)
  • Library resources (2.5hrs)

MSc specialization courses

  • Research process and design (30hrs)
  • Quantitative methods in accounting (30hrs)
  • Qualitative methods in accounting (30hrs)

MSc practitioner courses

  • Financial reporting and evaluation (14hrs)
  • Management control systems (36hrs)
  • Audit, internal control and risk management (24hrs)
  • Cross-cultural and change management (16hrs)

MSc research training seminars

  • Managing your PhD: Getting started
  • What are the good conferences 
  • How to present a research paper 
  • International job market
  • LaTeX / Mendeley

MSc master thesis or/and internship

  • Master thesis and oral defence
  • Up to 5-month graduation internship

MPhil core courses

  • Advanced quantitative methods
  • Advanced qualitative methods
  • Research ethics, plagarism and academic integrity
  • Intellectual property rights
  • Writing retreat
  • Philosophy of science and epistemology

MPhil specialization courses

Advanced methods

  • Advanced Experimental Research (15hrs)
  • Advanced Quantitative Methods (9hrs)
  • Mixed-methods (6hrs)
  • Case study approach, Longitudinal data collection and analysis (12hrs)

Hot topics in Accounting, Auditing and Management Control

  • Environmental disclosure research (6hrs)
  • Institutional logics and hybrids (6hrs)
  • Analytical research in financial accounting and auditing (6hrs)
  • Social and psychological implications of management control (6hrs)

Writing, Reviewing and Publishing

  • Setting up, pitching and reviewing a paper (8hrs)
  • Managing Reviewers and the Reviewing Process (7hrs)

MPhil research training seminars

  • How to design a poster?
  • How to reply (or not) to your discussant? How to discuss a paper?
  • From research to publication: A journey
  • How to identify a managerial implication?
  • International job market
  • Develop your online presence
  • Develop your network skills

Teacher's pedagogical practices